Upload S3


S3Uploader uploads files to a destination on S3 that is relative to SourceBasePath


Keys available in the [upload.config] section:

Name Type Default Required Description
SourceBasePath string “/tmp/baker/ologs/” false Base path used to consider the final S3 path.
Region string “us-east-1” false S3 region to upload to
Bucket string "" true S3 bucket to upload to
Prefix string “/” false Prefix on the destination bucket
StagingPath string “/tmp/baker/ologs/staging/” false Local staging area to copy files to before upload.
Retries int 3 false Number of retries before a failed upload
Concurrency int 5 false Number of concurrent workers
Interval duration 15s false Period at which the source path is scanned
ExitOnError bool false false Exit at first error, instead of logging all errors
Last modified December 12, 2022