Filter Crypt


This filter encrypts or decrypts a field and writes the resulting value to another (or the same) field.

Supported algorithms:

  • fernet

Fernet configuration

  • Key: 256-bit key used to encrypt/decrypt the token.
  • TTL: optional duration (in seconds). When set, the key must have been signed at most TTL ago, or decryption will fail. Only applicable for decryption.


Keys available in the [filter.config] section:

Name Type Default Required Description
Algorithm string "" true Name of the algorithm to use for crypting/decrypting
Decrypt bool false false True for decrypting, false for encrypting
SrcField string "" true Name of the field to crypt/decrypt
DstField string "" true Name of the field to write the result to
AlgorithmConfig map of strings to strings false AlgorithmConf contains configurations required by the chosen algorithm
Last modified December 12, 2022