Input SQS


This input listens on multiple SQS queues for new incoming log files on S3; it is meant to be used with SQS queues popoulated by SNS. It never exits.


Keys available in the [input.config] section:

Name Type Default Required Description
AwsRegion string “us-west-2” false AWS region to connect to
Bucket string "" false S3 Bucket to use for processing
QueuePrefixes array of strings [] true Prefixes of the names of the SQS queues to monitor
MessageFormat string “sns” false The format of the SQS messages.
‘plain’ the SQS messages received have the S3 file path as a plain string.
‘sns’ the SQS messages were produced by a SNS notification.
FilePathFilter string "" false If provided, will only use S3 files with the given path.
Last modified August 11, 2021