Output DynamoDB


This is a non-raw output, it doesn’t receive whole records. Instead it receives a list of fields for each record (output.fields in TOML).

This output writes the filtered log lines to DynamoDB. It must be configured specifying the region, the table name, and the columns to write. Columns are specified using the syntax “t:name” where “t” is the type of the data, and “name” is the name of column. Supported types are: “n” - integers; “s” - strings. The first column (and field) must be the primary key.


Keys available in the [output.config] section:

Name Type Default Required Description
Regions array of strings us-west-2 false DynamoDB regions to connect to
Table string "" true Name of the table to modify
Columns array of strings [] false Table columns that correspond to each of the fields being written
FlushInterval duration 1s false Interval at which flush the data to DynamoDB even if we have not reached 25 records
MaxWritesPerSec int 0 false Maximum number of writes per second that DynamoDB can accept (0 for unlimited)
MaxBackoff duration 2m false Maximum retry/backoff time in case of errors before giving up
Last modified December 12, 2022