Filter ExpandList


This filter splits a field using a configured separator and writes the resulting values to other fields of the same record. The mapping between the extracted values and the destination fields is configured with a TOML table. The elements of the list are, by default, separated with the ; character, but it is configurable.


A possible filter configuration is:

	Source = "list_data"
	Separator = ";"
	0 = "field1"
	1 = "field2"

In this example, the filter extracts the first and the second element of the list present in the field list_dataof the record. Then, the values of that keys will be written into the field field1 and field2 of the same record.


Keys available in the [filter.config] section:

Name Type Default Required Description
Source string "" true record field that contains the list
Fields map of strings to strings true <list index -> record field> map, the rest will be ignored
Separator string “;” false character separator of the list
Last modified December 12, 2022