Input KCL


This input fetches records from Kinesis with KCL. It consumes a specified stream, and processes all shards in that stream. It never exits. Multiple baker instances can consume the same stream, in that case the KCL will take care of balancing the shards between workers. Careful (shard stealing is not implemented yet). Resharding on the producer side is automatically handled by the KCL that will distribute the shards among KCL workers.


Keys available in the [input.config] section:

Name Type Default Required Description
AwsRegion string “us-west-2” false AWS region to connect to
Stream string "" true Name of Kinesis stream
AppName string "" true Used by KCL to allow multiple app to consume the same stream.
MaxShards int 32767 false Max shards this Worker can handle at a time
ShardSync duration 60s false Time between tasks to sync leases and Kinesis shards
InitialPosition string “LATEST” false Position in the stream where a new application should start from. Values: LATEST or TRIM_HORIZON
Last modified December 12, 2022