Filter ExternalMatch


Discards records which fields matches values read from a CSV, which is possibly periodically refreshed. CSV files can be compressed (gz or zstd) or not.


Keys available in the [filter.config] section:

Name Type Default Required Description
Region string “us-west-2” false AWS region to pass to S3 client (only for files with s3:// prefix)
Files array of strings [] true URL(s) of CSV file(s) containing the strings to match (s3[n]:// or file://). If %s is present, it’s replaced, at download time, with the result of calling time.Now().Format(DateTimeLayout).
DateTimeLayout string "" false Go date time string layout replacing %s in Files, evaluated just before downloading Files. See https://pkg.go.dev/time#Time.Format
TimeSubtract duration false Duration to subtract from time.Now() when evaluating DateTimeLayout. See https://pkg.go.dev/time#ParseDuration
RefreshEvery duration false Period at which Files are refreshed (downloaded again), if not set, Files are never refreshed
CSVColumn int 0 false 0-based index of the CSV column containing the values to consider
FieldName string "" true Name of the record field to consider for the match
KeepOnMatch bool false false If true, keep records if field at FieldName matches any of the CSV values. If false, discard records if field matches any of the CSV values.
Last modified December 12, 2022